Geezball™ - My new companion

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Geezball™ is more than a ball. It is an intelligent and responsive automated ball that will entertain your pets all day while you are not around. The innate nature of hunting and chasing after moving objects make Geezball™ the perfect toy for them.

Geezball™ personalized movement will attract their attention, providing mental stimulation and exercise they need daily. Enhance their enthusiasm and keeping them away from obesity and separation anxiety.

Key Features:

1. Intelligent toy with obstacle avoidance sensor;

2. Environmental friendly and safe material;

3. Bite and scratch resistance;

4. Water-resistant;

5. Snack hole for extra mental stimulation;

6. USB rechargeable: 1-hour charge for 5 hour continuous fun;

7. Replaceable outer shell;

8. 3 movement modes to match different activity levels (Gentle, normal, active);

9. Suit for moderate chewer;

10. LED strip lighting;

11. Easy to clean.

Customize Your Geezball™

Dogs see the colors of the world as basically yellow, blue, and gray. They see the colors green, yellow, and orange as yellowish, and they see violet and blue as blue. Blue-green is seen as gray. Therefore, we offered 3 colors that visually attractive to your pets for you to mix and match based on your pet's style, keeping it stylish, exciting, and stimulating to your furry pets.

Tough and Long-Lasting

Geezball™ is made to charging easy by allowing Micro USB cable charging. It takes approximately 1 hour to fully charge and can last up to 8 hours of playtime depending on the operation mode and pet's interaction time.

Let's get the fun started

Your furry friends getting excited and cannot wait to start? Follow the simple instruction below and get the fun started!

Open Geezball™'s outer shell, press the button on/off button for 3 seconds to turn it on.

You descide which mode suits for your pet best. Green is for gentle. Blue is for normal. Pink is for active.

Insert the core into the shall and make sure that its outer shell is tightened.

Activate Wicked Ball by hitting or sharking it and let your furry friend start having fun wiht it.