About us

This is Haru, a 2 years old Shiba Inu that has been with us since he is 10 weeks old. We know very well that is never easy to be a "pawrent" when my wife and I are busy with our hectic working life. We hardly spend more 30 minutes play time with him except for twice 30minutes walk each day. Guess what, this definitely is not enough for a Shiba Inu!
At this age, his curiosity and bursting energy had caused damages to our household. He started to developed biting behavior due to boredom and lack of exercise. Bite mark can be easily found of chairs, table, door edges and everything that you can think of that under their reach.
Soon after, we decided to get something that could provide mental stimulation and at the same time, is exciting and fun for him. Geezball™ is perfect for that because of its interactive nature that constantly making him chase for it. Since then, Haru exhausted himself by playing with it. His behavior improved significantly and he is a happy dog now.